So you’re ready to buy and you’re looking for the right home in the right neighborhood at the right price. You’re also looking for the right broker to advocate and negotiate for you. You’re in luck!

City Closers’ brokers are specially trained to help buyers, just like you, navigate the terrain of purchasing your perfect property. Your home could be your single largest investment and selling it could be one of your largest decisions.

At City Closers We Listen to your goals and set our negotiating strategy to meet them. We have years of local area experience to support your search in finding the home you’re looking for.

We Solve the problem for you. This may be a timing concern in selling your existing home and buying at the same time. There may be a negotiating opportunity that we can solve for a win-win solution.

We Close your new home! We are trained in all aspects of the transaction including all of the closing arrangements. Your best choice is a City Closers Broker; let us Listen, Solve and Close for you!

As Your City Closers Broker

  • I know the local market and can quickly narrow it down to a few areas where you are likely to find your home at the price you want.
  • I can save you time by doing a lot of the legwork. By knowing your needs, I can eliminate homes that do not meet your criteria.
  • I will make appointments, preview homes with you and help you determine the pros and cons of each home.
  • I can provide information and make appointments to see almost any property listed for sale. A home does not have to be listed by a City Closers Broker in order for me to get detailed information or an appointment to view.

Once we find the home you want to buy, I will guide you through the negotiation until we reach mutual acceptance and move towards closing.

Getting Started

Organization is the key to finding the home you want while spending the least amount of time and energy. Find out how much house you can afford and do this before you go house hunting. I can refer you to a loan officer who can assist you with determining how much of a down payment you can afford, along with a monthly payment you can handle.