Using a City Closers Broker to Sell Your Home

Your home could be your single largest investment and selling is one of the largest decisions.

At City Closers We Listen to your goals and set our selling strategy to meet them. We have years of experience to market and showcase your home in order to bring you the highest price.

We Solve the problem for you, this may be a buyers financing issue, and we are able to leverage our partner resources to get creating financing in place so that the transaction closes. There may be a negotiating opportunity that we can solve for a win-win solution.

We Close your property! We are trained in all aspects of the transaction including all of the closing arrangements. Your best choice is a City Closers Broker, let us Listen, Solve and Close for you!

As Your City Closers Broker:

  • I know the market and will help you set the right price by providing you with a complementary Comparative Market Analysis.
  • I know what buyers are looking for and can help showcase your properties best assets.
  • I will establish a comprehensive marketing plan that includes scope, strategy, audience and marketing tactics and collateral employed.
  • I am a member of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a service that enables me to provide detailed information about your home to the thousands of other agents assisting buyers.
  • In addition to the MLS, I interact with other brokers on a daily basis. We exchange information about new properties on the market and match ready buyers with the right properties, both residential and commercial.
  • I employ multiple advertising avenues to raise interest in your home.

The Process


Your City Closers Broker will provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help you price your home.

Net Proceeds Estimate

We will provide you with an estimated net proceeds worksheet that will break down basic debits and credits so you can see your bottom line.

Marketing Package and Strategy

We will prepare a marketing packet and strategy tailored to your goals and your property. These tactics will be employed throughout the listing.

Listing Agreement & Agency Disclosures

We will prepare a listing agreement that specifies the details of listing your property.

Preparing for the Listing

We will do a walk-through of your home and identify ways to show off your homes best features. We will have a professional photographer photograph your home for advertising. We will prepare the listing online and in print, order the sign and place the key box.

Going Live & Showing

Once the listing goes live, we will schedule open houses, broker opens and set a showing schedule that works with your schedule.

Offers, Counter Offers and Mutual Acceptance

With each offer that comes in, you’ll review it carefully with your City Closers Broker and if the terms are acceptable, then you’ll sign the offer and you will be mutually accepted. Mutual acceptance means that both the buyer and the seller have agreed on the terms of the sale and the property is pending sale. If the offer is not acceptable, then we will make a counter offer changing things like closing date, price, items included etc. If the buyer does not agree then they will either make a counter, counter offer or decide to move on. You can then accept their counter, counter or make another counter offer. As soon as terms are reached, you’ll be mutually accepted and proceed towards closing.

Inspection & Other Contingencies

Many buyers will have an inspection period where they have time to bring in a licensed inspector to examine the property. After the buyer receives the inspection report, they can waive the inspection and proceed towards closing or they can ask for a reduction on price or items to be fixed prior to closing. We then have the opportunity to respond by either accepting their proposal, rejecting their proposal (the property goes back on the market) or counter offering their proposal (if the buyer rejects our proposal and does not resubmit another proposal the property goes back on the market). If terms are reached then we proceed towards closing. Some offers have other contingencies such as financing or title. Depending on the offer, your broker will review each contingency and work to fulfill the requirements so that the buyer waives them. After the buyer removes all contingencies, the property is ready to close.

Earnest Money

The buyer will deposit earnest money into an escrow account based on the terms of the purchase and sale agreement and a receipt will be provided to all parties. The earnest money becomes a credit for the buyer towards the purchase price upon closing.

Title Report

All parties will be provided with a title report and the title company will provide a title search and title insurance policy. If the buyer has a title contingency they have a certain timeframe to review the report in. Any items on title that need to be cleared before closing such as a lien will be researched and cleared by the title company. It is important to review the title report for accuracy.

Buyer Financing

If the buyer is getting financing your City Closers Broker will have a pre-approval letter from the buyer and will track the progress of 1.) Timely application 2.) Appraisal 3.) Buyer documents submitted 4.) Final underwriting approval. Once these items are completed, the property is ready for closing day.

Preparing to Move

After all contingencies are removed, it’s important to plan ahead for moving day! City Closers can help you find your new home and provide you with moving resources. Once you’re completely moved out, make sure to do a final walk through to check cupboards and cabinets for any items left behind.

Signing Closing Documents

Escrow will schedule your signing appointment, which will convey the sale. You will review the HUD statement, outlining specific debits and credits. You can sign in advance of the buyer and ahead of closing day at a time that works with your schedule.

Closing and Recording

After the buyer signs closing documents, and the purchase funds are wired to escrow (if the buyer is getting financing then their lender wires funds to escrow and most often the buyer also wires their down payment). At this point Escrow releases the file to record. A few hours later we all receive recording numbers back and this is the point where you are officially SOLD!

City Closers always handles closings with care and attention to detail. Keys will be given to the buyer, key box removed, signs removed, listing status changed and websites updated. Of course you’ll receive a congratulations phone call at the moment we are closed!